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Create your own shortcode

To create your own shortcode, click on “+ add shortcode”.

New sc - add new (1)

A popup will appear with all the possible options for the shortcode that you are about to create.

New sc - popup

  • Name: The name of the shortcode (only visible for admin).
  • Currency format: How to display the currency, let’s take for example US Dollars, you can choose to show:
    • USD
    • United States (US) Dollar
    • $

New sc - currency format

The currency that shows up here, is the ‘Default currency’ that you have set in “General settings > Default currency”. 

New sc - type

  • Type: 
    • Currency list
    • Currency alphabetic list
    • Currency converter
    • Currency rates

For the different type examples, please refer to this examples page here.

New sc - style

  • Style: 
    • Select
    • Checkbox
    • Labels
  • Show search: Decide to show a ‘search’ box or not. 
  • Show flags: Decide to show flags and where to show them.