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From this page you can see all available currencies for your site. When you first start, you will only see the default currency. But you can add, edit, enable and disable them all from here.

Default currency

If you decide to set the exchange rates “Automatically“, a dedicated button to manually update all rates directly will be visible.

Tab 1 - currencies (1)

NOTE: This is only visible when you choose the “Automatically” option, as explained here.
In the “Commission” field, you can add a percentage that is added in the price conversion. For example:

– No commission > 1.00 EUR = 2.00 USD
– 10% commission > 1.00 EUR = 2.20 USD (2.00 USD + 10% = 2.20 USD)

Tab 1 - currencies dots

By clicking on the “3 dots” on the right side, you can see the options per currency. Like updating that specific rate or delete that specific currency from the list.

Currency options

By clicking on “Currency options” a popup will appear, showing several options for that specific currency.

Tab 1 - currency options

  • Currency position: Show the currency symbol on the left/right side of the amount, and with or without space.
  • Thousand separator:  Decide how to separate thousands (eg. comma, dot, etc.).
  • Decimals: Decide how many decimals to show.

Tab 1 - currency round decimals

  • Decimal round: Decide how to round decimals, cents, up, down etc.
  • Decimal separator: Decide how to separate thousands (eg. comma, dot, etc.).
  • Optional image (flag or icon):
    • Don’t show a flag
    • Choose a flag from the default set: select a flag from the default list.
    • Upload a custom icon: an upload field will appear.
  • To identify the currency, show: 
    • Only the currency.
    • Currency and label.
    • Only the label.


At the bottom of the popup, a preview of the price is shown.

Please note – The currency position, thousand, and decimal separators are automatically applied based on WooCommerce currencies information when selecting the currency.