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Set rates automatically

If you choose the option to set the rates automatically, the rates will be taken from an aggregator. This is a tool that sets the currency rates for you.

You can only use the “Automatically” option if you have entered the plugin license key. You can enter the key in YITH > License activation.

Tab 2 - settings automatically

  • Use the exchange rates from: Select the currency aggregator of your choice. Below the selected aggregator, you will see some important information with regards to the chosen option. Like the number of available currencies and the usual update time.
  • Automatically update exchange rates: how often will the rates be updated.
    • Twice a day
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Every 15 days
    • Monthly
  • Validate aggregator: It runs a quick check to see if everything is ok. The popup will tell you if it is all good, or if you have to fix something.

Validate aggregator 2