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Is it possible to add another currency aggregator?

No, this is not possible. There are preset aggregators and you can choose one of them.

If you feel like one is missing you can always contact us via a support ticket, and we will analyse the possibility to add it to the plugin.

How does geolocation work?

It depends on what you set in the General settings > “Forced, based on the customer’s country” as explained here.

The system applies the following order: Shipping -> Billing -> IP.

For example:

  • If “Customer’s shipping address” is selected, it uses this address to decide the location. If it’s not filled, the plugin will take the billing address, if this is not filled either, the system takes the IP.
  • If the option is set to “Customer’s Billing address” the selection will skip the shipping address and will directly check the billing address and after that IP.
Can I upload a custom image as a flag?

Yes, there is an option to either choose the default flag images or upload your own. You can read more about it here.

I have a staging and production site, do I need 2 licenses to use the automatic rates?

No you do not, you can temporarily deactivate the key on site A and activate the key on site B, as the geolocated prices are updated once a day.

Which plugins support this Currency Switcher and how do they work?

YITH Minimum Maximum Quantity: the amount restrictions will be set up in the store main currency and converted automatically into the user-selected currency on the frontend. For example, if there’s a cart restriction of $100 (USD set as store main currency), the user who views prices in Euros will see a restriction of €84.52.