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You will have to decide if you want to show the currency based on the customer’s location.

Tab 3 - geolocation

When you enable this option, the customers will automatically see the currency of the country where they are located. When you disable this option, and the user location currency is not available (or the geolocation fails), the customer will see the default currency.

You can set the default currency in the “General settings” tab.

Default currency

Add new geolocation rule

By clicking on “+ Add rule”  you can create a new geolocation rule.

add geolocation rule

  • Name: Name of the rule (only visible to admin).
  • To users of these countries: Select the countries you wish to include in this rule.
  • Show this currency: the selected countries will see this currency.

Geolocation rules

All rules are added to the list, which you can easily edit, remove, enable or disable (also in bulk).