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Waiting List Checklist

Admin side

In the ”waiting list checklist”  you can see a report of the products that have a waiting list.



You will find the following buttons there:

  • Delete waiting list: remove the waiting list
  • View users: view all users associated with the waiting list
  • Send email: send immediately an email to all customers subscribed to the waiting list, to say that the product has come back in stock

By clicking on the “View users” button you will access a section where you can manually add a customer to the waiting list, remove an existing customer and manually send the “In Stock” email to a single customer. You’ll also have the option to export users in CSV.

Add new users

User side

Logged in users can check all their waiting lists from My Account area. Here they will find a list with all the products they’ve registered to and can remove their email address from each product’s list by simply clicking on the Leave button next to it.


The same button is also visible on the product detail page, so if users want to opt out, they can click on the Leave button below the product and their email address will be removed from the list.

Leave waiting list