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Set Default Messages

Set subscription message

Subscription message

This is the message you want to show to your users when they register to the waiting list for the related product.

Your customers will see this in the following way:

Subscription message on frontend

You can also request confirmation when users subscribe to a waiting list by enabling YITH Waiting List Subscription Opt In Email in the Email settings section of the plugin. In this way, users will receive an email after registering to a waiting list to confirm their subscription.

Set removal message

The message you set here is shown to your customers on the detail page of the product when they leave the waiting list with the related button on the page.

Removal message

Your customers will see this in the following way:

Removal message on frontend


Set error message

Here you can set the error message that your customers see when the subscription to the waiting list of a product that is out of stock does not work correctly. You can find an example below.

Error message