Chat console informations

The console shows all currently active conversations on your site. If no operator is connected, the chat popup will not be shown to users.

Chat console

The maximum number of simultaneous conversations can be set in the option “Maximum Connected Guests” in “Live Chat -> Users”.

The chat operator can save the conversation with the “Save Chat” button: the content of the messages will be available in the “Chat Logs” section.

Save Chat

Note: closing the browser will not end the conversation. Each chat conversation has to be closed using the “End chat” button, which can be done by one of the speakers.

Chat macros

In “Chat Macros” you can add new macros that can be then selected by your operators in a new conversation to compose their answer quickly.


Chat Macros in conversation

Privacy and GDPR

The plugin is fully GDPR compliant, as it asks users that open the chat window to agree with your policies before they can start a chat or leave an offline message with their name and email address. It will also give you the possibility to link a custom Privacy page or the default one in WordPress.

To configure these privacy settings, you just have to go to YITH > Live Chat > Privacy and here you will find the following options:

  • Enable GDPR Compliance for offline messages: this allows you to ask users to agree with the policy before leaving an offline message
    • Checkbox label: customize the text here
    • Checkbox description: customize the text here
  • Enable GDPR Compliance for chat popup: this allows you to ask users to agree with the policy before opening a chat
    • Checkbox label: customize the text here
    • Checkbox description: customize the text here
  • Privacy page: here you can set a custom Privacy page for your chat users. If no links are added here, the plugin will automatically load the default WordPress Privacy page.

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce adds a frontend dashboard to your site through which the administrator and shop managers can manage orders, products, and coupons as they would do from the WordPress dashboard.

The two plugins can be perfectly integrated allowing you to manage chats in the frontend manager dashboard.
After installing and activating both plugins, the Live Chat section will be added to those available in YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce.
Once enabled, you will be able to manage YITH Live Chat features from the
For further details about YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce settings, please refer to the official documentation.

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

YITH Multi Vendor and YITH Live Chat are 100% integrated.

Add-ons section

Due to the integration with YITH Multi Vendor it allows enabling a chat system for each vendor so that he/she can be contacted by his/her own customers directly through the form in the vendor’s page.

Integration Multi Vendor

When the option is enabled, each vendor can have access to the “YITH Live Chat” section in his/her reserved area and reply to messages sent by users.

Live chat messages

For more information about how to use YITH Multi Vendor, please have a look at the Documentation.