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Chat logs

All conversation details, and also its evaluation by the user, are stored in section “Chat logs”.

Chat logs

The Chat logs section includes all the conversations held on your site. As you see in the image above, the main page shows some summarized details about each conversation:

  • User Name: the username used by the user to access the chat.
  • E-mail: the email used by the user to access the chat.
  • IP Address: the IP address of the user.
  • Date: the date of the conversation.
  • Total messages: the number of messages of the conversation.
  • Chat duration: the duration of the conversation.
  • Evaluation: the final evaluation of the user (it is not mandatory).
  • Request Copy: this is shown only if the user requests a copy of the conversation.

Note: if two or more conversations are generated during the same session with a different username, all the previous conversations of the same session will be updated with the username of the last opened conversation.