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I’m the administrator of the site: my console is open but there are some users that are not able to write in the chat.

Please, check if you have reached the maximum number of opened conversations allowed as set in the plugin settings.

My browser crashed, have I lost the conversation with my customer?

No, the conversation ends only if one of the two speakers ends it on purpose clicking on the “End Chat” button.

Chat popup is not available. Why?

To show the chat pop-up correctly, the theme installed on your site needs to use the function wp_footer()” in its templates.

Does the plugin work with Elementor page builder?

Yes, the plugin works well. It does not interfere with pages built with Elementor, so you can use both plugins on your site without any issues.

Do logged in users have to type in their name and email?

No, logged-in users will see the chat fields Name and Email pre-filled with their login information. So, if they want to use that name and email address, they will just have to click on the Start chat button.

Yet, if they want to change those details before starting the chat, they can do without any issue.

After deleting the plugin the “Chat operator” role is still appearing. How can I remove it?

The plugin automatically creates this role in WordPress, that’s why it keeps appearing even after the plugin is uninstalled. To remove it, you can use any plugin for user role management. We might suggest the free “Members” plugin but any other similar tool will do the trick.