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The YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles widget lets you add the complete list of the product bundles in the sidebars of your shop.
Go to Appearance -> Widgets and add the widget in your sidebars.

Below the complete list of the available options of the widget:

  • Title: the title of the widget.
  • Number of products to show: number of “Bundle” products to show.
  • Show: “Bundle” product type (all, “Featured” or “On Sale”).
  • Order by: disposition of the products in the widget (by date, by price, by discount, by sales).
  • Hide free bundles: show/hide free “Bundle” products.
  • Show hidden bundles: show “Bundle” products that you have hidden in the Shop.
  • Show products in bundle: show/hide the complete list of the products of a bundle.
  • Show thumbnails for products in bundle: show/hide the images of the products of the bundle.
  • Show only bundles including the currently viewed product: If this option is enabled, the widget is displayed only on the product detail page and shows all the “bundles” that include the selected product.
Widget - Admin view