Set options for the each item of the bundle product

Let’s analyze the settings that you can configure for each product added to the bundle.

Bundle options

  • Hide Product: show/hide the product in the bundle. If activated, the product will be kept in the bundle, but it won’t be showed to users.
  • Hide thumbnail: show/hide the product image in the bundle.
  • Optional: activating this option, the product will be set as optional. This means that users will be free to purchase the complete bundle, or abstain from adding the optional products.
    By default, optional products are excluded, and users just have to click on Add to add the product to the bundle.
    Optional product
  • Min Quantity/Max quantity: these two options let you choose how many products of the same
    kind users can purchase with the bundle. If you set the same value, users won’t be able to decide
    a specific quantity, and they will have to purchase only the one you have set.

    Fixed Quantity

    Set fixed quantity

    Fixed quantity

    Variable Quantity

    Set variable quantity

    Variable qauntity

  • Discount %: the percentage of the discount applied to the product. If the product has already an applied discount, this will be ignored,
    and the discount percentage will be calculated on the complete price of the product.
  • Title: this option lets you choose a new title for the version of the product included in the bundle.
  • Description: this option lets you choose a new description for the version of the product included in the bundle.