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How to use the free version of the plugin

This page of the documentation is a guide for the usage of the free version of the YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.
Now we analyze the necessary steps for the creation of a product bundle and its possible options.

Firstly, create a new product on “WooCommerce” and select the Product Bundle type in the product detail page.

Create a bundle

Now configure the options by clicking on the new tab “Bundled Items” that has been added to the “Product Data” section of the product.

Bundled items

Add the products you want to add in the bundle using the related Ajax search field.

Add products
For each product select the quantity to be added in the bundle.

Select quantity

The free version of the plugin lets you add only simple products!

Now you just have to set the price, the description and the image of your product bundle and you will be done.

Set the price

Here you are an example of a “Bundle” product.

Bundle sample

WooCommerce report counts both the product of “Bundle” type and all the products included in the bundle.
The only difference is that the products included in the “Bundle” are inserted in the amount of zero.

WooCommerce report