How to hide bundled items

By default, the product bundle and the products included will be shown in “Cart” and “Checkout” pages.

Product bundle - Cart page

However, if you don’t want to show the products included in the bundle, you can enable the specific option that you find in YITH Plugins -> Product Bundles -> Settings.

bundle checkout

Bundled items hided

Select products to insert in the bundle

In this page we will analyze how to create a new product of “Bundle” type, and how to select the products that we want to associate to it.
By way of example we will create a “Tablet + Cover” bundle product that will include the following products: “Tablet Cover” and “Asux Transformer Pad”.

Firstly, create a new product on “WooCommerce” and select the Product Bundle type in the product detail page.

Product type "Bundle"

Add the products to the bundle in few simple moves. Click on the Add Products button and a popup window will open. You’ll be able to search a product using the search field on top and to add all the products you need by clicking on Add next to each of them.

Add product

You can either search the product on product name or SKU, by using sku:

search sku

Add the products you need by clicking on the Add button next to each of them.

Pick bundle items in popup

The products you want to add can be both simple and variable ones.

For variable products, choose whether to offer all the variations or only some. In the latter case, select the variations that can be included in the bundle under in “Filter Product Variations”.

Select product variations

Product variations - User view

Set options for the each item of the bundle product

Let’s analyze the settings that you can configure for each product added to the bundle.

Bundle options

  • Hide Product: show/hide the product in the bundle. If activated, the product will be kept in the bundle, but it won’t be showed to users.
  • Hide thumbnail: show/hide the product image in the bundle.
  • Optional: activating this option, the product will be set as optional. This means that users will be free to purchase the complete bundle, or abstain from adding the optional products.
    By default, optional products are excluded, and users just have to click on Add to add the product to the bundle.
    Optional product
  • Min Quantity/Max quantity: these two options let you choose how many products of the same
    kind users can purchase with the bundle. If you set the same value, users won’t be able to decide
    a specific quantity, and they will have to purchase only the one you have set.

    Fixed Quantity

    Set fixed quantity

    Fixed quantity

    Variable Quantity

    Set variable quantity

    Variable qauntity

  • Discount %: the percentage of the discount applied to the product. If the product has already an applied discount, this will be ignored,
    and the discount percentage will be calculated on the complete price of the product.
  • Title: this option lets you choose a new title for the version of the product included in the bundle.
  • Description: this option lets you choose a new description for the version of the product included in the bundle.

Price management of the bundle product

The price of the product bundle is calculated basing on the “Item Pricing” option.

If this option is not activated, the price of the product must be set from the WooCommerce “Regular Price” and “Sale Price” general settings. If so, the product bundle will a fixed price, regardless which kind and the quantity of the products available in the bundle.
On the contrary, if the “Per Item Pricing” option is activated, the price of the bundle will be the sum of the prices of the added product, and subordinated to the quantity of each product.

Item Pricing disabled


Product bundle - Fixed price

Item Pricing Enabled

Product bundle - Dynamic price

How to manage shipping fees in the bundle product

Shipping fees

Activate the “Non-Bundled Shipping” option if you want to apply the shipping fees separately for each product of the bundle. If so, each product will have its own shipping fee set from the related WooCommerce detail page.
On the contrary, if you want to apply just one shipping fee, deactivate the option and set it from the product bundle you have created.

Bundle options

You can set the minimum and/or maximum quantity of items that must be included in each bundle in order to add it to the cart.

When creating bundles with optional items, you will also have the possibility to set the minimum and/or maximum quantity of different items to be included.

To set the quantities, go to “Bundle Options”. If the value is set to 0, no control on the quantity will be applied.




The control on the quantity is given by the sum of the single item quantities added to the bundle.

The user will be notified by an error message in the product page in case the bundle can’t be added to the cart.

Error message