General settings

Before starting with product setup, lets give a look at the plugin general settings that you find at YITH > Product Bundles > Settings. This is how it looks like:


Read more in the following posts for details on each option.


As for any other product available in the shop, the sales related to the product “Bundle” are registered within WooCommerce report.

By default, only the product bundles are displayed in the report, whereas the products associated to the bundle are left out.
This behavior can be changed by enabling the “Show bundled items in Reports” option that you find in the plugin settings dashboard.

show reports

Now, also the products included in the bundle are shown in the report, in the amount of zero, as you can see in the image below.

WooCommerce report

Bundle price in order details

You can choose how to show the price of bundled products in the order details page when the “per item pricing” option is enabled.

In the general settings go to Price of “per item pricing” bundles in orders and pick one of the following two options:

Price in bundles

  1. Price in bundle: show the price of the entire bundle and so show zero next to each of the bundled items.
    price in bundle
  2. Price in bundled items: show the price of each single product of the bundle and so show zero next to the bundle title.
    price in items


Price layout on Shop page

You can choose how to display the bundle price on the Shop page. As the product might have a minimum and maximum price based on the selected options, you might want to show only the starting price or the range. Well, you can.

Go to the plugins settings panel at YITH > Product Bundles > Settings and select the layout you prefer next to the option called Price of “per item pricing” bundles in Shop.


Choose any among the four available layouts:

  • Min – max: show the total price range this bundled product can cost
  • Min only: show only the starting price of the bundles
  • Min only higher than: show then minimum price with text that lets users understand it starts from a given price, ex. “From $100”
  • Regular and discounted: show both the regular price as strikethrough and the bundle discounted price

PhotoSwipe for bundled images


photo option

If you enable the option PhotoSwipe for bundled images, your users will be able to open the image gallery of one of the bundled items and see the product image on full screen. Use the arrows on the sides to display the images of the other products included in the bundle.

image gallery

image gallery

Bundle price sync


bundle sync

This button lets you force the creation of bundle prices when the option “per item pricing” is enabled; use it ONLY if you are encountering issues with sorting prices in the shop (as for when the bundle products have been added with an older version of the plugin).

Out of stock syncronization

The “bundle” product is purchasable only if all the products included are available. If at least one of these products is out-of-stock, the system prevents adding the “bundle” product to the cart by removing the “add to cart” button on the page.

By enabling the “Out of stock sync” entry, the bundle product will be automatically set as “out of stock” if at least one of its products has the same status.

out of stock

YITH Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quick View (premium version) allows you to quickly display the most important information of the product in a lightbox without leaving the shop archive page.

The integration with YITH Product Bundles allows you to open the bundled products’ details in the Quick View lightbox. 

To enable this feature, just go to YITH > Product Bundles > Settings and enable the option called Quick View for bundled items. Make sure you save the settings.

integration view

Then, every time you click on the product name of any bundled items, you will see the product details in a quick view lightbox.

Quick view integration

bundled item in quick view

To read more about how to configure YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles, please, refer to the plugin official documentation.