Select products to insert in the bundle

In this page we will analyze how to create a new product of “Bundle” type, and how to select the products that we want to associate to it.
By way of example we will create a “Tablet + Cover” bundle product that will include the following products: “Tablet Cover” and “Asux Transformer Pad”.

Firstly, create a new product on “WooCommerce” and select the Product Bundle type in the product detail page.

Product type "Bundle"

Add the products to the bundle in few simple moves. Click on the Add Products button and a popup window will open. You’ll be able to search a product using the search field on top and to add all the products you need by clicking on Add next to each of them.

Add product

You can either search the product on product name or SKU, by using sku:

search sku

Add the products you need by clicking on the Add button next to each of them.

Pick bundle items in popup

The products you want to add can be both simple and variable ones.

For variable products, choose whether to offer all the variations or only some. In the latter case, select the variations that can be included in the bundle under in “Filter Product Variations”.

Select product variations

Product variations - User view