Price management of the bundle product

The price of the product bundle is calculated basing on the “Item Pricing” option.

If this option is not activated, the price of the product must be set from the WooCommerce “Regular Price” and “Sale Price” general settings. If so, the product bundle will a fixed price, regardless which kind and the quantity of the products available in the bundle.
On the contrary, if the “Per Item Pricing” option is activated, the price of the bundle will be the sum of the prices of the added product, and subordinated to the quantity of each product.

Item Pricing disabled


Product bundle - Fixed price

Item Pricing Enabled

Product bundle - Dynamic price

How to manage shipping fees in the bundle product

Shipping fees

Activate the “Non-Bundled Shipping” option if you want to apply the shipping fees separately for each product of the bundle. If so, each product will have its own shipping fee set from the related WooCommerce detail page.
On the contrary, if you want to apply just one shipping fee, deactivate the option and set it from the product bundle you have created.

Bundle options

You can set the minimum and/or maximum quantity of items that must be included in each bundle in order to add it to the cart.

When creating bundles with optional items, you will also have the possibility to set the minimum and/or maximum quantity of different items to be included.

To set the quantities, go to “Bundle Options”. If the value is set to 0, no control on the quantity will be applied.




The control on the quantity is given by the sum of the single item quantities added to the bundle.

The user will be notified by an error message in the product page in case the bundle can’t be added to the cart.

Error message


The “[bundled_items]” shortcode must be used within product detail page. It shows the elements related to “bundle” type product and to the “Add to cart” button.



In case you want to show the products list but not “Add to cart” button, you must add “type” attribute to the shortcode and assign the “list” value.
[bundled_items type=”list”]

On the contrary, if you want to show the bundle on any other page of your site, you have to use the shortcode [bundle_add_to_cart] followed by the product ID, for example, [bundle_add_to_cart id=”123″].

This shortcode prints the bundle form as shown below.

Shortcode 2




The YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles widget lets you add the complete list of the product bundles in the sidebars of your shop.
Go to Appearance -> Widgets and add the widget in your sidebars.

Here follows the complete list of the available options of the widget:

  • Title: the title of the widget.
  • Number of products to show: number of “Bundle” products to show.
  • Show: “Bundle” product type (all, “Featured” or “On Sale”).
  • Order by: disposition of the products in the widget (by date, by price, by discount, by sales).
  • Hide free bundles: show/hide free “Bundle” products.
  • Show hidden bundles: show “Bundle” products that you have hidden in the Shop.
  • Show products in bundle: show/hide the complete list of the products of a bundle.
  • Show thumbnails for products in bundle: show/hide the images of the products of the bundle.
  • Show only bundles including the currently viewed product: If this option is enabled, the widget is displayed only on the product detail page and shows all the “bundles” that include the selected product.

Widget - Admin view



Out of stock synchronization

By default, the “bundle” product is purchasable only if all the products included are available. If at least one of these products is out-of-stock, the system prevents adding the “bundle” product to the cart by removing the “add to cart” button on the page.

Yet, you can choose how to manage the bundle including out-of-stock items through the option If a bundled product is out of stock.

You can select one of the following options:

  • Hide the bundle
  • Set the bundle as Out of Stock
  • Show the bundle, but users will not be able to buy it (default option).

Out-of-stock sync



YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup allows enabling an automatic popup to notify the user about the updated cart content. Every time a product is added to the cart, the popup automatically opens.

This integration allows enabling YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup features also on the “Bundle” products of your shop.

Once installed and activated both plugins, you can set YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup as explained in the official documentation so to show a popup when users add a bundle product to their cart.


YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode

With the use of YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode, you can show or hide the price and/or “Add to cart” button for one or more products of your shop. If hidden, you can provide a form through which users can send possible requests.

The integration between these two plugins allows hiding price and Add to cart button also on “bundle” products.

After installing and activating both plugins, your products will be shown in catalog mode.


For further details about YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode settings, please refer to the official documentation.

YITH WooCommerce Deposits and Down Payments

The plugin allows splitting the order payment into two installments so that the user can leave a deposit and pay the balance at a later time.

Deposit on bundle

The admin will be able to allow deposit payments for bundled products as well. Don’t forget to enable the ‘deposit’ option, after activating the plugin. So you can start using the options.

For more information on how to set up the Deposit and Down Payments  plugin, check the full documentation here.


YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity

With YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity you can set purchase limits on the product quantity. You can manage the quantity directly on the product or on the cart content.

The plugins can be perfectly integrated and allow setting the minimum and maximum purchase quantity for the “Bundle” products. Moreover, you can choose whether to apply the quantity rules to the bundles or to the products in them as shown below.


If the quantity doesn’t meet the requirements configured, users can’t add the bundle product to the cart and a message will show to notify them of the quantity required to proceed with the purchase.