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Enable The Popup In The Premium Version

To enable the popup go to YITH  -> Popup.

You can also enable the popup on mobile devices, which means that customers who are visiting your website on their mobile devices will also see the popup. Here, we can also find the option to enable the popup on all pages.

Enable popup

Popup Settings

In the tab Settings, you can configure the following options:


You can select where you want to show the Popup. If the “Show on all pages” option has been disabled, you need to use this option to select the pages of the site where you want to show the default popup.

The Cookie variable is the name of the cookie. This is used to avoid showing the popup to customers who don’t want to see it the next time they access the site, after having selected the checkbox in the footer.
Each time the name of the cookie is changed, the popup will be displayed to those customers who have previously decided to not see it again, as the last cookie registered for their session will be no longer valid.
We suggest not abusing this feature, as it can be experienced as annoying.

The option hide policy allows you to decide when you want to hide the popup. You can hide it when the checkbox has been checked or you can choose to show it only once per session. About the last option, if you have different popups for different pages, the visualization of one of those won’t imply the exclusion of the other. They will all be displayed only once to your customers when they enter the page.

How many days should the popup be hidden for? This option lets you choose how many days the popup must be hidden for those customers who have decided to not see it again. The related cookie will expire after the days that are indicated here.

Policy options

You can set the hiding text, the text to display next to the checkbox to hide the popup and select a default popup that you want to show on the page(s) of your website.

Create Popup

If you go to YITH -> Popups you find all available templates. The Popup custom post type contains the list of all popups you have created. If you want to create a new one, click on the Add New Popup option. From this page, you can activate and deactivate the visualization of each popup.

Popups list

Page Settings

If you want to have different popups on the pages of your website, go to the pages regarding this and set the Popup option according to your needs on the bottom of the page.

Page settings

You have the following options:

  • The page respects the settings of the plugin options panel, so the default popup will be shown if the page is one of those set to show the default one.
  • A popup created in the popup custom post type is shown.
  • No popup is shown in the page.

Popup Template

Choose the right template for your popup among the 6 available templates in the plugin. View a preview of the one you selected to have an idea of how it might look when shown to your customers.

Popup preview


The Tab Content allows you to edit the content you can enter into the popup.
According to the type of content you select in the drop-down menu “Content-type”, you will be able to edit the textual parts of your popup from the textual boxes available (header, footer, left contents, right contents, unique content).

N.B. The content you enter in the tabs “Newsletter”, “Form”, “Social” and “WooCommerce” will only be shown if the same popup type has been selected in the drop-down menu “Content-type”.

Below you will find a list of all content types available:

  • text: text content.
  • newsletter: newsletter popup includes a form for newsletter subscription. Settings for newsletter popups are managed in the tab “Newsletter”.
  • form: if you select form type for your popup, you will be able to show a form. Settings for this form can be managed in the tab “Form”.
  • social: with this type of popup, you can add links to the Social Networks that you can manage from the tab “Social”.
  • WooCommerce: in a WooCommerce popup, you can show one of the items in your shop. Settings for this type of popup can be managed in the tab “WooCommerce”.
Popup content

If you scroll down, you will be able to add the right content of the popup, and also the footer content.