Learn about how to use the shortcode available in the plugin.


Add the shortcode [check_in_event id = <the _event_id>] to one of your site pages replacing <the_event_id> with the even product ID.

For example, [check_in_event id = 220]

Event product ID

A Table, visible only to users accessing the site as administrator or shop manager, will show in the front end, including the complete list of the tickets linked to the selected event product.

Tickets table

Click on the ticket to access its data.

Ticket details

By default, the search occurs by inserting the ticket number.

Search by ticket number

If you are using the plugin in combination with YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR-Codes, the search can be done by scanning:

  • the order barcode: this returns the list of tickets linked to that order (the order must include the event product used by the shortcode)
  • the ticket barcode: this returns ticket data if the selected event includes a ticket with the barcode 


From the table, you can export a single ticket or all the ones included in the list.

Export tickets by shortcode


The check-in for the tickets can be applied manually or automatically.

When manual, you have to click on the related button available on each ticket.

Set ticket as checked

If you choose the automatic check-in, you need to enable the checkbox “Automatic check-in” highlighted in the following image.

Enable automatic check-in

From now on, for each search, the automatic check-in will apply to all the tickets shown as search result.

Event calendar

Use the shortcode [event_calendar] to show the calendar wherever you like. It can be a bigger version like this on any page of your website:

Calendar shortcode

Alternatively, if you prefer showing it in a widget, please, use the dedicated widget.