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Can the tickets be sold at a reduced price?

Yes, you can enable the reduced-price tickets for each event purchasable on your shop.

Scroll this page content to discover how to do it.

N.B. you don’t have the possibility to manage the reduced-price tickets quantity.

How can I increase the ticket prices when they are about to run out of availability?

You need to create rules to increase the price automatically depending on the quantity still available.

You must create the rules in the product as explained here.

Why do I view fewer users in the participants list in comparison to the purchased tickets?

It is due to the fact the list shows the users who placed the order to purchase the tickets and not the complete list of names inserted through the ticket form available on the product page.

Can I disable the cookies used to create the tickets? 

Yes, you can do it by enabling the option “Disable cookies form” that you can find on the product editing page.

Disable cookie form

By enabling this option and refreshing the ticket form, the fields will be emptied.