Extra services can be added to the Event Ticket product and, if selected by the user, they will increase the ticket unit price based on the value you have specified for each service.

To add a new service, go to the product edit page, click on the Services tab and add a new element.

Add new service

Services can be shown either as a select dropdown or as checkboxes.

Ticket services

For every service you can set the following options:

  • service name: (give a name to the service)
  • service stock: (the service will be purchasable as long as there is stock availability)
  • service overcharge: (the cost of the service will add to the ticket base price)
  • required service: if a service is set as required, users are bound to buy the service alongside the ticket. (available only for “select” service type)

Once done, users can select the services from the product detail page.


If you want hide the service surchase, enable the option “Hide surcharge” for the service.

Hide service surcharge

If you want to (temporarily) disable the services for the event ticket product, you can use the check boxes displayed next to the service.

disable services