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How to manage the uploads on variable products

When it comes to product variations, you can choose between two different ways to apply the general rules and override them from the variation settings.

This can be controlled using the “Enable uploads for products variations” option in the plugin general settings, YITH > Uploads > General:

Variations option

If it is disabled (set to OFF), then, the general rules will not apply to product variations, but you can however enable them from the variation details, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Variations disabled

If it isĀ enabled (set to ON), then, the general rules will automatically apply to all product variations, but you can disable them from the variation details as shown below:

Variations enabled

If you want to create custom rules for the product variations of one specific product, you can add them through the “Add new rule” button and save the product.

Product rules

Now the general rules will no longer be applicable to product variations, but you can now enable/disable these product rules on every variation.

Variation rules