General notes about the use of the plugin

To let the users associate one or more files with the selected product, it is essential to previously configure specific upload rules for the products of your shop.

The upload button is shown only after creating the upload rules which apply to the products that the user added to cart.

Creating upload rules allows the system to know how many uploads to require for the product the user selected and apply a check on the attachment size and width.

To better understand how to create and manage the upload rules, we suggest reading this section of the documentation.

How do I manage the files I receive?

All the files uploaded by the user are attached to the order. Therefore, you need to accede the order detail page to evaluate and then accept or reject the user’s files.

Accept/reject upload

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How to create general upload rules

In order to enable, user side, the possibility to associate one or more files to the products added to cart is essential to create, administrator side, the specific upload rules.

The general rules you have created apply to all the products of the shop unless you disable the feature on the single product.

If the upload button does not show: 

  • check the pages on which you enabled the file upload
  • make sure that you enabled the upload for the products and/or the order

To create a general rule, go to YITH Plugins -> Uploads and click on the Add new rule button.

Add new upload rule - General

For each new rule you need to specify:

  • label to show to the user for the file
  • allowed extensions (if the file has a different extension, it will be rejected)
  • maximum size allowed for the file
  • Enable or not the notes: when enabled, the user could attach notes to the file and the administrator could read them in the specific order page

Each rule corresponds with an upload required on the product. 

Assuming that we have created 3 upload rules, the user will have to add 3 files when purchasing.

Uploads required

Upload rules management on simple products

By default, all the general rules apply to all the products of the shop unless enabled or if you have configured at least a new rule on the product. Let’s analyze how to do it.

Go to the product and click on the “Add new rule” button.

Set rules on the simple product

As for any new rule, you must specify the parameters:

  • label to show to the user for the file
  • allowed extensions (if the file has a different extension, it will be rejected)
  • maximum size allowed for the file
  • allow notes: when enabled, the user could attach notes to the file and the administrator could read them in the specific order page

Assuming that we configured 4 general upload rules (therefore, 4 files) and 2 on the YITH T-Shirt product, we expect to get 4 files as required for all the products in the cart and 2 for the YITH T-Shirt product.

Cart page

How to manage the uploads on variable products

Unlike the simple products, you must enable the file upload on variable products manually. 

Go to the product edit page and select the variation to change. As highlighted in the screenshot, you can see, in the bottom of the section, the complete list of the general upload rules already created.
Each selected rule will link with the variation. 

Set general rule on single variation

If you want to create ad hoc rules for the selected product variations, you can add them through the “Add new rule” button and save the product.

Set rules for the variable product

Now the general rules will be no longer available for each variation: the choice should be made from the ones you have created in the product.

Set upload rule on the single variation

Rules to show the upload button

The user can associate files to products and/or order depending on the conditions set by the administrator.

The upload button is shown only after creating the upload rules which apply to the products that the user added to cart.

The upload button can be inserted in “Cart, Checkout, Thankyou and My Account” pages.

Pages where to show the upload button

In “My Account” page, the upload is possible only for those orders which status is among the ones you have selected in YITH Plugins -> Uploads.

Order status to allow the upload of file

Each uploaded file can be deleted only if the order status is among those you have selected in the plugin settings dashboard.

Order status to allow the removal of the file
Delete a file

How to enable the upload for products and/or orders

You can require the upload of one or more files for each product in the cart and/or, generally, for the order the user is completing.

To apply your choice, go to the plugin settings dashboard and scroll to the options:

  • Enable uploads for orders
  • Enable uploads for products

Enable upload for product and/or product

How do I choose the uploads to require in the order?

Each required file matches with a new upload rule that you need to create. For further information about how to create a new upload rule, click here.

The upload for the order applies only to the general upload rules. 

For example, for 3 general rules, there will be 3 required uploads in the order.

Upload on order

How do I choose the uploads to require for the products?

All the general rules apply to all the products. However, in addition to enabling the upload, you can also choose to apply different upload rules to the product.

For further information, we suggest reading:





Split uploads

If there are more elements of the same product in the carts, the plugin default behavior provides the file upload only once: therefore the files will be the same for all the copies of the product.

Split products disabled

If the option “Splt Products” is enabled, you will find in cart one line for each item of the same product. This allows users to upload different files for each item added to the cart.

Enable split products options

Split products enabled

This splitting happens only if users edit product quantity from product page, while if you change quantity in cart, items will not be splitted as explained above, but standard WooCommerce behaviour will apply. If you change quantity from cart, you will be able to purchase more copies of the same product (attachments included).

How to manage the uploads administrator side

Each file sent by users has to be approved or rejected. This way, users know if they have sent the files correctly or if they have to change something and upload them again.
Each order that includes files without any approval method will be highlighted through a specific icon.


In order to approve or reject the files associated to the order and/or products, go to order detail page, where the admin can also see a preview of the uploaded file.

Order detail page, Upload preview

Each time a file is approved or rejected, an email with the notification of the approved or rejected file will be sent to the user.

Reject a file - Email

The user will be entitled to go the specific order and insert a new file.
When the user inserts a new file, the notification will be reactivated in the order.

New file uploading

Basing on how configured in the plugin settings, the customer can upload the required files:

  • before completing the order, in “Cart” and/or “Checkout” pages
  • after purchasing, in “Thank you” and order detail (in My Account) pages. Here, the possibility to upload new files depends on the order status.
  • To attach the file to the order or the selected product, the user needs to click on the upload button and proceed with the image uploading inside the popup.

Upload file form

If the format isn’t among those you have selected, the file will be rejected.

The format of file is not accepted

“My Account” page

  • In the order detail, in “My Account” page, the user can upload the files not inserted yet or edit a file previously attached.

Order detail page

Upload or remove file

Remove a file previously uploaded

The user can remove the files previously uploaded both during the checkout process and acceding to the order page from My Account section after completing the order.

Delete a file

The file can be removed only if the order has one of the statuses selected in the plugin settings dashboard.

Order status to allow the removal of the file

File saving

All folders generated by the plugin are saved in the following path: wp-content/uploads/yith-additional-uploads. In case you wanted to create a subfolder where collecting all folders containing users’ files, and you wanted to create it to this path, specify the name of the new folder in the “Upload folder” option.

All files sent by users are sorted according to their ID or order number they are associated with. You can select sorting criterion from the “Upload folder” option available in the plugin settings panel.

Saving files options


The premium version of the plugin manages the automatic sending of 4 email types:

  • YITH Uploads Order Message: email sent to the user when the administrator sends a message using the related box inserted in the order edit page
    Send email to customer
  • YITH Uploads Order File Status: email sent to the user when the file uploaded is accepted or rejected by the administrator
  • YITH Uploads File Deleted: email sent to the administrator to notify when the user removed one of the files previously uploaded
  • YITH Uploads File Uploaded: email sent to the administrator when the user associate a new file with an existing order

You can configure all the generated emails of the plugin from the “WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails” section

Plugin emails