New file uploading

Basing on how configured in the plugin settings, the customer can upload the required files:

  • before completing the order, in “Cart” and/or “Checkout” pages
  • after purchasing, in “Thank you” and order detail (in My Account) pages. Here, the possibility to upload new files depends on the order status.
  • To attach the file to the order or the selected product, the user needs to click on the upload button and proceed with the image uploading inside the popup.

Upload file form

If the format isn’t among those you have selected, the file will be rejected.

The format of file is not accepted

“My Account” page

  • In the order detail, in “My Account” page, the user can upload the files not inserted yet or edit a file previously attached.

Order detail page

Upload or remove file

Remove a file previously uploaded

The user can remove the files previously uploaded both during the checkout process and acceding to the order page from My Account section after completing the order.

Delete a file

The file can be removed only if the order has one of the statuses selected in the plugin settings dashboard.

Order status to allow the removal of the file