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How to create general upload rules

In order to let the user upload one or more files and associated them with specific products in the cart, make sure the administrator first creates the specific upload rules in the plugin settings or on the product detail page.

The general rules apply to all the products of the shop, but you can however disable them from the product edit page.

If the upload button does not show: 

  • check the pages on which you enabled the file upload
  • make sure that you enabled the upload for the products and/or the order

To create a general rule, go to YITH Plugins > Uploads and click on the Add new rule button.

General rule settings

For each new rule you need to set:

  • label: text to describe the upload field.
  • allowed file extensions: if the uploaded file has a different extension, it will be rejected. Leave empty to allow any file extension.
  • maximum size allowed for the file.
  • allow notes: when enabled, the user will be able to type in a note that will be visible to the administrator in the order details.

Each rule will enable an upload option on the product. 

Assuming that we have created 3 upload rules, the user will have to add 3 files when purchasing.

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