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YITH WooCommerce Uploads Documentation

YITH WooCommerce Uploads is the perfect solution for shops that base their business on printed products, and so for those
shops that request users to upload attachments. In a nice and simple way, users will be free to choose the t-shirt they want, and send the image they want to be printed on it, getting easily the product they imagined without even abandon their computers.

YITH WooCommerce Uploads can become the added value of your shop: print calendars, sports clothes, customize coffee cups, posters or
creative frames.

All of these have something in common: you offer the basic product, and users decide how to complete it.
And with YITH WooCommerce Uploads features everything becomes easier and more direct. For you and them.

We suggest you follow this guide in order to configure the plugin correctly and clear up possible doubts related to its functioning.