How to set a simple product as “pre-order”

To create a pre-order type of product, go to WooCommerce > Add Product.

Now, scrolling down to Product Data, you will find the “Set as Pre-Order” option, right by Virtual and Downloadable:

Pre-order box

Now a new tab called Pre-Order will be created, including all of the options related to this plugin:

Pre-order options

Use For sale date option to set the date and time for the end of the pre-order period.

Set for sale date

Customize the text of the pre-order button for the product, thanks to the “Pre-Order Label” option. In case you don’t customize it, the default one will displayed, which can be customizable in Label Settings in YITH Plugins > Pre-Order.

And this is what your pre-order product will look like in the product page:

Pre-order view


Bulk edit products into Pre-order

If you need to assign the Pre-order status to one or more products at the same time, you can do that from the Products page. Select the products that you want to edit and then click on Bulk Actions > Set the Pre-Order status > Apply.


If you select variable products, this action will apply the Pre-order status to all its variations. To edit the pre-order status of variable products variation by variation, please, refer to this post.

How to set a variable product as “pre-order”

The plugin supports variable products and allows managing the pre-order status differently for each product variation.

Let’s see how to do it.

Select the variation you want to configure and set the pre-order status through the related checkbox, as shown in the image.

Set variation as pre-order

Now, the new options added to the variation show and let you configure the pre-order status.

Pre Order options

In the variation, you can set:

  • for sale date: set the date when the product will be for sale
  • pre-order label: label to show for the selected variation on the pre-order button
  • price: you can set the pre-order product price in three different ways
    • fixed: the pre-order product price will be in the same amount of the specified value
    • Discount the selling price: the pre-order product is purchasable with a discount (by setting the value) on the selling price
    • Markup the selling price: the pre-order product is purchasable with a markup on the selling price.

To show the corresponding label for variable pre-order products,  you’ll need to enable the option in “Label settings” which you will find in the general plugins settings menu.

label variable

Note: only if all variable options are set as “pre-order” the label will be shown.

Turn out-of-stock products into pre-orders

One of the most interesting functions of this plugin is the chance to turn out-of-stock products into products in pre-order status, in order to avoid interrupting your sales.

To do so, go to YITH Plugins > Pre-Order and you will find the general options:

Out of stock option

If the option Turn Out-of-Stock products into pre-orders is enabled, turns your out-of-stock products into pre-order products automatically, in order not to take them out of sales even while you’re waiting for the new stock to arrive.

Edit prices during the Pre-Order period

A very important function to fully use this plugin, is the chance to offer a discount or a price raise during the pre-order period.

This option allows you to create exclusive promotions that will make your products more likable.

To use this function, you’ll find the “Price adjustment” the moment you are creating a new product:

Price adjustment

You can choose from three options:

  • set the price manually leaving the field blank will display the price entered in the General product tab
  • set a discount for the pre-order period with the chance to choose between a fixed discount and a percentage
  • set a price raise during the pre-order period still having the chance of setting a fixed or percentage amount

In case you select Discount the selling price or Mark-up the selling price, another option will be displayed:

Adjustment type

In Adjustment type you will have the chance to choose between a fixed or percentage amount.

Prevent mixing products in cart

By default, the plugin allows customer to put in their cart at the same time normal products and pre-order products:

Mixed products in cart

In case you wish to deactivate this possibility, all you need to do is to check Prevent mixing products in cart, which you can find in YITH Plugins > Pre-Order > Settings:

pre-order cart options

The customer will see the next message as a result, when trying to add a regular product and a pre-order product to cart:

not possible message

Prevent multiple pre-orders in cart

By default, the plugin allows customer to put multiple pre- order products in their cart at the same time:

pre-orders multiple in cart

If you wish to deactivate this possibility, all you need to do is to check the “Prevent adding more than one pre-order product to the cart” option, which you can find in YITH Plugins > Pre-Order > Settings:

Multiple pre-order not possible

Customers will see a message as soon as they want to add a second pre-order product, as shown below:

Notice not possible pre order

Pre-Order emails

This plugin creates 4 automatic emails that will be added to the list o the emails that are automatically sent by WooCommerce.

Email notifications

As every other WooCommerce emails, these as well offer a limited label customization and get the template set in the website. They are:

  • For sale date has changed: in case the date for the end of the pre-order period changes. This email is received by customers.
  • Pre-order date is about to pass: in the moment the pre-order period is about to end, received by admins.
  • pre-order is now for sale: in the moment a Pre-Order loses the Pre-Order status and is back in stock, ready for shipping to customers.
  • out-of-Stock products turn into Pre-Order automatically: admins are informed when an out-of-stock product becomes a pre-order product.

An overview of pre-orders in My Account

From a customers’ perspective, the My Account page gets updated with a section called “My Pre-Orders”:

My Pre-Orders

This section will display the name of the product, the release date, order number and the price paid.

Orders overview for Admins

Once a product of this type is purchased, this plugin offers a system to identify this kind of orders, both for admins and customers. For the former, the plugin offers a clear and updated overview of the pre-orders in their stores, adding a “Pre-Order” column in the orders page:

Pre-Order Column

Other than getting to know the product name and the end of the pre-order period, the symbol on the calendar will change color when the expiration date approaches:

Pre-order details


With Elementor you can easily add 2 widgets to a page or template.

elementor pre order

  • YITH Pre-Order – Availability date: Show products that have a availability date set.
  • YITH Pre-Order – Show pre-order products: show all pre-order products.

elementor pre order widgets