Creating a Pre-Order type of product

To create a pre-order type of product, the process is similar to the one you would follow for any other product. After creating a new product, scroll down until you find the Product Data section, and check the “Pre-Order” box:

Pre-order box

And this is what your product is going to look like to your customers:

Pre-order view

To customize the text that appears on the pre-order button, go to YITH Plugins > Pre-Order and access the general options:

At the bottom of the page you’ll find “Label Settings”, where you can customize the displayed text.

Button text

Customers view

Once a pre-order type of product is purchased, customers can locate them in their account in two different places. Inside the “My Orders” page, this type of orders will be highlighted:

My orders

This plugin will also create a new section in the My Account page, dedicated to this type of orders:

My pre-orders