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From the tab Style, you can choose how to show the price of pre-order products:Product price style

  • Hide the regular sale price: by selecting this option, the regular price will be hidden;
  • Show the regular sale price crossed out: by selecting this option, the regular price will show as crossed-out

Crossed-out price

To customize and manage the button label and texts, you can use the following options:

Style options

  • Pre-order button label: enter the label that will replace the default “Add to cart” on products in pre-order mode;

Pre-order button

  • Text to show in products with availability date: use the built-in editor to add the default text to show the availability/release date to users;

Availability on product page

  • Show availability text in the Shop pages: enable if you want to show the availability text on Shop pages.

Availability on Shop page