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How to set pre-order options on a simple product

To set an existing product in the pre-order mode, go to its edit page.

From the section Pre-Order, enable the option Manage pre-order options for this product.

Enable pre-order mode on simple product

Pre-order mode start

Now, you can start configuring when the pre-order period will start through the following options:

Pre-order options on simple product

  • Put the product in pre-order mode: choose when you want to put the product in pre-order mode from:
    • Manually
    • Automatically when the product is out of stock: this will put the product in pre-order mode as soon as it becomes out of stock and will disable the pre-order mode as soon as the product is back in stock;

By choosing Manually, you will also be able to set the Pre-order period start option:

Pre-order start date

  • Immediately: the pre-mode starts right away;
  • Schedule a start date for the pre-order mode: you can schedule when the pre-order mode will start by defining the date through the following option;
  • Pre-order start day:  choose the day and time in the calendar;

Set pre-order start date in the calendar

  • Pre-order start day label: through the built-in editor, you can customize the text shown to users to inform them when the product will be available for pre-order;


Product availability

If you have chosen to put the product in pre-order mode manually in the previous option, you can set when the product will be available/released. You can select one of the following options:

Set product availability datePre-order start day

  • No date – end pre-order mode manually: you can decide to set no date. In this case, the pre-order mode will need to be manually disabled;
  • Choose a date from the calendar: by selecting this option, a new field will show where you can select the day and time when the product will be available/released;
  • Available x days after the user pre-orders it: through this option, you can dynamically make the product available a specific number of days after a user pre-orders it. You can define the number of days in the option The product will be available.

Product availability

Product quantity restriction

In case you need to apply a restriction on the product quantity that can be pre-order by the same user, you can take advantage of the option Set a maximum quantity that can be ordered by a user and decide the maximum number of product units by entering a value in Users can pre-order a maximum of.

Maximum quantity per user

With this option active, when users will click on the pre-order button after adding a quantity exceeding the value you have configured, a message will show to inform them of the quantity restriction.

Max quantity message