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Pre-order payments

Payment options

Let’s see how to manage the payment options for your pre-orders.

In the tab Payment options, you will find two important settings you can use based on the solution that better suits your needs.

  • Charge pre-orders: choose when customers will be charged when pre-ordering your products from:
    • Upfront – when the user pre-orders the product: by selecting this option, customers will pay for the products when they place the pre-order;

Charge upfront

    • Upon release – automatically after the product release (a supported payment gateway is required): by selecting this option, customers will be automatically charged as soon as the pre-order product becomes available. To work properly, you need to use at least one of the supported gateways which are: YITH Stripe, YITH Stripe Connect, YITH PayPal Braintree, and WooCommerce Stripe;

Charge upon release

    • Pay Later gateway – manually after the product release (the customer will receive an email and will be redirected to the Checkout page to pay: by selecting this option, customers will be able to manually pay for the pre-order products after their release through the payment link received by email.

Since these settings can be overridden at the product level, if users add two or more pre-order products for which different payment options have been set, an error message will show on the Cart page.

Error message on Cart page

Pay later gateway

Pay later gateway

The plugin includes the gateway YITH Pre-Order Pay Later which allows your customers to manually pay for the products they have pre-ordered after their release or when they become available. To activate and use this gateway in your shop, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.

Pay later settings

By clicking on the Manage button, you will be able to set a few simple options:

  • Enable/Disable: through this option, you can enable or disable the YITH Pre-Order Pay Later gateway;
  • Label: enter the label that will define the gateway on the Checkout page;
  • Description: enter the text customer will see as the payment method description;
  • Order status for pre-orders placed with the Pay Later gateway: choose the order status to apply to pre-orders when using the Pay later gateway. Any changes to this option won’t affect the pre-orders placed so far.

Here is a sample of what the checkout will look like when using the Pay later gateway.

Pay Later