Carrier selection

The first step to use the plugin properly is to select those carriers usually entitled to be in charge of the shipping of your orders. To do it, go to YITH -> Order Tracking -> Carriers.

Supported carriers

However, in case you want to add manually the new carrier, you can open the class.carriers.php file that you find in the plugin and add a new element. Don’t forget that the release of a new update could cause the loss of your changes. For this reason, we suggest you contact our support if you want to add a new carrier.

To set up a carrier among the ones selected, go to the plugin settings dashboard and select it in the “Default carrier name” field.

Select the default carrier

How to track order

To insert order tracking data, go to the order detail page and complete the provided form.

Order tracking details

Required data:

  • tracking code
  • tracking postcode (optional)
  • carrier name
  • pickup date

When the order has been delivered to the carrier, don’t forget to check “Order picked up” field.

Order picked up

All orders delivered to the carrier will be highlighted with a specific icon in “Orders” page. By hovering the cursor over the icon, a tooltip with tracking information will be shown.

Order icon

By clicking on the icon you will be redirected to the carrier’s site, specifically to the section where you can track the current shipping status.

If you enable the “Tracking info in the order list” option in the plugin settings, a new column will be added to the orders page.Tracking info in the order list

In this column, the admin will be able to see the tracking info directly from the orders page.

Tracking info in order

Complete order

By enabling “Complete order” the order status will be automatically set as “Completed” soon after the insertion of tracking data.

Complete order


After inserting tracking data, the information will be included in every sent email combined to the order. The email message can be changed in the plugin settings dashboard.

Text in emails


sample email

By clicking on “Track your order”, users will be redirected to carrier’s site, to the section where they can track the current shipping status combined to the order.

Resend new order email

Users can have access to order tracking information (if inserted) in two different spots of their reserved area: through the specific tooltip in order page or through order detail page.

My account - Orders

Order details

Both through the click on tooltip and on the specific field in order detail page, users will be redirected to the carrier’s site where they can verify the current shipping status.

Packing slip

This plugin is 100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Pdf Invoice and Shipping List.
By activating both plugins, you will be able to enable “Show in packing slip”, thanks to which the order tracking data will be automatically inserted in the generated transport document.

YITH PDF Invoice integration

packing slip

CSV Importer

Premium version of YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking allows you to import, through CSV file, all tracking data generated with third-party plugins. This means that if you decided to use our YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking, after starting your business, you wouldn’t lose any of your data.
To import data click on “Import CSV” button you find in the plugin settings dashboard.

Import CSV


At this point, you will be redirected to the page where you can select the CSV file to import.



CSV file must have a specific format to be correctly imported. To download the sample click on the specific field.

Importer - download sample


csv file sample

The carrier’s code should match one of the carrier’s codes supported by the plugin. Before starting the import process, please verify that the carrier code in the CSV file matches one of the supported carriers. See the carriers’ code table for full details.

carriers in chart


Through the shortcode [yith_check_tracking_info_form] you can show a form where the customer can add the order ID to check the tracking data.




Within Elementor tools, you will be able to find a widget called YITH Check Order Tracking Info that allows you to print the box where your user can add the order number and see the tracking information.

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce adds a frontend dashboard to your site through which the administrator and shop managers can manage orders, products, and coupons as they would do from WordPress dashboard.

If combined with YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking, you will be able to manage the order tracking data from the Orders section on the frontend.

Below, a detail of the order where tracking data can be managed.

This combination is also fully integrated with the following plugins:

  • YITH Multi Vendor: your vendors will be able to edit the tracking code and carrier in the order details from the frontend.

YITH WooCommercer Custom Order Status

Using YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status, you can create custom statuses you can then assign to orders in your shop. You may also edit the default WooCommerce ones.

After installing and activating both plugins, you will be able to show order tracking information in YITH Custom Order Status emails by using the following placeholders:

  • {tracking_number}: the tracking number
  • {shipping_date}: the shipping date
  • {tracking_url}: the tracking URL
  • {carrier_name}: the name of the carrier in charge of the shipping

For further details about YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status settings, please refer to the official documentation.