How to track order

To insert order tracking data, go to the order detail page and complete the provided form.

Order tracking details

Required data:

  • tracking code
  • tracking postcode (optional)
  • carrier name
  • pickup date

When the order has been delivered to the carrier, don’t forget to check “Order picked up”¬†field.

Order picked up

All orders delivered to the carrier will be highlighted with a specific icon in “Orders” page. By hovering the cursor over the icon, a tooltip with tracking information will be shown.

Order icon

By clicking on the icon you will be redirected to the carrier’s site, specifically to the section where you can track the current shipping status.

If you enable the “Tracking info in the order list” option in the plugin settings, a new column will be added to the orders page.Tracking info in the order list

In this column, the admin will be able to see the tracking info directly from the orders page.

Tracking info in order