General notes

Free version of YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking allows to set in an order the carrier entitled for the shipping. Information about the order tracking will be available to user in order detail page: it’s not included in any email
Let’s learn how to use the plugin.

How to set up a carrier in the order

Right inside order detail page (administrator side) the plugin adds a section where you can specify information about the order tracking as follows:

  • tracking code
  • carrier name
  • shipping date

Tracking data

After the order has been delivered to the courier, don’t forget to check “Order Picked Up” field.

Order sent

If you wish to set up a default carrier for all orders, you can do it by specifying the name in “YIT Plugins -> Order Tracking”.

Default carrier

User view

Users can have access to information about their order tracking (when inserted) in two different spots of their reserved area: through the specific tooltip in order page or through order detail page.


Order detail page

The text displayed can be changed by administrator in YIT Plugins -> Order Tracking.

Tracking message

Right inside the message you can use the following placeholdersto recover the order tracking data:

  • [carrier_name]: carrier name
  • [pickup_date]: pick up date
  • [track_code]: tracking code