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Customize custom your Thank You page using shortcode

Thanks to the shortcodes available in the plugin, you will be able to customize your WooCommerce Thank You page in all its parts, and also change the default arrangement of the four sections it is made of:

  • header
  • order table
  • customer details
  • social box
  • upsells

Sample Custom Thank You Page

Disable all sections in the plugin settings panel.

Then, build your own Thank You page using the following shortcodes and sort the available sections in the order you prefer.

  • [yith_orderreview_header]: displays a summary of the order that has just been placed
    Header section
  • [yith_orderreview_table]: displays a table with order details
    Order details section
  • [yith_orderreview_customer_details]: displays the section containing user details
    Customer details section
  • [yith_ctpw_order_number]: shows the order number
  • [yith_ctpw_customer_name]: shows the name of the customer
  • [yith_ctpw_customer_email]: shows the email address of the customer
  • [ctpw_show_products]: allows showing a selection of products from your own shop. Below you find a list of all the available attributes:
    • ids: list of products IDs separated by a comma
    • sku: list of products SKUs separated by a comma
    • columns: number of products per row
    • orderby: order of products (you can use standard WordPress values, like title, date, rand …)
    • order: sorting type (it can be ASC for ascending, so from lowest to highest values, or DESC for descending, so from highest to lowest values)
    • products_per_page: number of products to show (default is -1 that stands for “show all”)

    Example: this will show 4 products selected through their ID and ordered by ascending title on one row:

    [ctpw_show_products ids=”10,15,25,64″ columns=”4″ orderby=”title” order=”ASC”]

    Up-sells section

  • [yith_ctpw_social]: shows a social section by which the customer can share the product(s) purchased.
    This shortcode allows enabling social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

    [yith_ctpw_social facebook=”yes” twitter=”yes” pinterest=”yes”]

    Social share