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If you want to show a different Thank you page based on the products, categories or payment method used during the purchase by your customers or the payment method they used to pay the order, go to YITH > Customize Thank You Page > Rules and click on Add rule.

How to set up a rule

After clicking on Add rule, a modal will open. Here, you can start creating and setting up the rule.

  • Rule name: enter a name that will define the rule;
  • Rule type: You would be able to select:
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Payment method
  • Choose: search and add the products/categories/payment method that will trigger the rule;
  • When an order is placed: decide what to show after customers placed the order:
  • Show the default WooCommerce Thank You page;
  • Show a custom Thank You page: by selecting this option, you can choose the Thank you page to show in the entry Thank You page to show;
  • Redirect users to a specific URL: by selecting this option, you can enter the URL to which users will be redirected in the entry Write the URL;
  • Priority: define the priority you want to give to the rule. To learn more about priorities, please go to this page.

Now click on Add rule to save it.

Manage rules

After creating and saving your rules as described here, they will show in the Rules tab where you will be able to manage them according to your needs.

For every single rule, you can choose to enable or disable it through the related toggle and edit, duplicate, delete and move the rule by clicking on the icons that show on mouse hover.

Actions on single rule

Bulk actions

If you need to quickly enable, disable or delete more rules at the same time, you can easily do it through Bulk actions: select the rules, choose the bulk action then click on Apply.

How to set a priority rule to show Thank You pages

Even though you have created and set up different Thank You pages on your shop, only one of them will show to the user. Yet, when creating the rule, you will be able to set the priority when more than one rule applies to the same product.

By default, the priority applies based on the following rule conditions:
1. payment method: priority is given to the Thank You page linked to the payment method the customer chooses. If there is no payment method rule created or enabled, the system will first check to see if there is a Product Thank You page, then a Product Category Thank You page, and finally a General Thank You page.
2. product: priority is given to the Thank You page linked to the purchased product. In case there is no product rule created or enabled, the Category Thank You page will show or, if none is available, the General one.
3. category: priority is given to the Thank You page linked to the product category to which the product belongs. In case there is no category rule created or enabled, the system will show the General Thank You page.
4. general options: the General Thank You page will show only if no rule has been created or enabled or if none of the above-mentioned default priority rules applies to the purchased product.

For example, if you have created a product rule to show a custom Thank you page to users buying product A and a payment method rule to show a custom Thank You page to users paying with a credit card, when a customer purchases product A and pays with PayPal, the Thank You page shown will be the one defined in the product rule since the payment rule won’t be applied.