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General Settings

In this page of documentation, we will analyze the options included in the “General” form of the plugin settings dashboard.


Section General

“Show add-ons” option allows choosing the position where to show add-ons within the product detail page: before or after “add to cart” button.


For each add-on created, the plugin allows combining label and description. According to its settings, in the plugin settings dashboard (in the highlighted options in the image) information will be shown or not in the product detail page.

General settings - Add-ons


Global options - Options

Options - User view

  • “Show option descriptions”: show the description related to the option included in the add-on.


Tooltips are used to show the description related to the option. To disable the use of tooltips or to change their layout, use the options you find in the “Tooltip” section of the plugin settings dashboard.

General settings - Tooltip

Tooltip - User view


“Upload” section refers to add-ons of “upload” typology.

General settings - Upload

Upload option

All files uploaded by users will be saved in the path you have specified in “Uploading folder name”, within the “uploads” folder.
To be accepted, the file must have one of the formats specified in “Uploading file types”.

Getting started with option group

Before analyzing how to configure a new options group, we will start by making a few clarifications. The plugin allows creating three “typologies” of options group:

  • “global”: options are inserted in all the products of the shop
  • “by category”: the options group is applied to the products related to one or more specified categories
  • “by product”: the options group is used only on the selected product.

The plugin allows creating options groups for variable products, but not for single product variations. The options group can be configured in the general product information and not in a different way for a single variation.


Global options group

To create an options group of “global” or “category” typology, therefore available on all the products of your shop, go to Products -> Product Add-Ons and click on “Add new”.

New options group

Insert the name of the options group and select in “Products” field the products on which you want to show them. Leave the field empty if you want to show them on all the products of the shop.

Global options

Before inserting all the options of the group, configure the following parameters:

  • “Priority”: the priority is used to give an order to show the options group in product page (in value ascending order)
  • “Visibility”: the option allows choosing to hide the options group, to show it to all users or only to the administrator of the shop.

After saving the new group, click on “Add new type” button to insert a new option in the group. Read this section of the documentation to discover how to configure the option correctly.


It is possible to insert an unlimited number of add-ons in a group, choosing from one of the following typologies:

  • checkbox
  • radio button
  • text


Optionally, you can combine to the add-on “label” and “description”.

To enable/disable the display of add-on details, go to the “General” section of the plugin settings dashboard.

General settings - Add-ons

By setting the add-on as “required”, users cannot add the product to the cart if they did not select the options related to the add-on.

Required option


With the plugin, you can set dependency between add-ons of the same options group. This allows showing one or more options only if the user used the ones related to them.
To create this dependency, select in “Requirement” the add-on to which the selected add-on must be dependent on.

Global options

Now insert all the options for the add-on specifying for each of them the following values:

  • label
  • description
  • price: the price to combine the option is fixed
  • checked: if the add-on is of “checkbox” typology, it can be used to set a single product as “checked”
  • min/max: these values can be configured if the add-on is of “number” typology

To enable/disable the display of add-on option details, go to “General” section of the plugin settings dashboard.

Global options - Options



Advanced options - Example 1

Advanced options - Example 2

Advanced options - Example 3

Single Product Options Group

To create an options group on single product, go to “create group” page and click on “YITH Advanced Product Options” tab. Insert the name of the options group and click on the “Add group” button.

New options group - Single product

By default, all the options groups configured in the product and all the “global” ones are available on the product itself. In case you want to show only the options group configured in the product, enable “Disable Globals”.

Disable globals