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Create a new add-on

The next step is creating and configuring the add-ons you want to insert in the group you have just created. Make sure you saved the group settings and click on the “Manage Add-Ons” button on the top of the page.Manage Add-OnsNow choose the type of add-on that you want to insert from the following ones:

  • checkbox
  • color
  • date
  • labels
  • multiple labels
  • number
  • select
  • radio button
  • text
  • textarea
  • upload

Types of add-on

Optionally, you can combine to the add-on “labels”, “description”, and “image”.

add-on new

To enable/disable the display of add-on details, go to the “General” section of the plugin settings dashboard.

add ons general

By setting the add-on as “required”, users cannot add the product to cart if they do not use the options related to the add-on.
When a “checkbox” type add-on is set as “required”, all its options must be selected by the user in order to add the product to the cart.

Set Dependencies

The view of the add-on can depend on two kinds of dependencies:


  • Variation requirements: the add-on can only be selected if a specific product variation has been selected and specified in the “Variations Requirement” entry.
  • Options requirements: the add-on shows only when the option specified in the requirements entry is selected by the user. If the user does not respect the requirement you have set, the add-on does not show.

The first X options free

You can decide that the first x options a customer chooses are for free. Example:

for the add-on “Pizza ingredients” with 4 options (sauce, peas, cheese, chips),
the customer can add 2 ingredients for free and the others for + € 0,50.
In this case, you must set an add-on price of € 0,50 and “First X options free” = 2.

The first x options are free

Limit selectable elements

With this option your users will be able to select a limited number of options for the current add-on. For example, if you have a Checkbox add-on with a total of 10 options, but set this value to 3, the user will only be able to select three of them.

Limit selectable elements

This option works only for the following add-on types:

  • checkbox
  • multiple labels

Sold individually

If you enable the “Sold Individually” option, the add-on price won’t change even if the quantity of the selected product increases.

Sold individually

Duplicate add-on

If you need to create an add-on with similar options, consider the possibility of duplicating an add-on.

From the page where all add-ons are listed, click on the duplicate icon as shown in the following image:

Duplicate Add-on

An exact copy of the add-on will be created, including all the options in it. Start editing the ones that need to be changed and leave the others unchanged. This button will let you save a lot of time!