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Turn out-of-stock products into pre-orders

To prevent your sales from being interrupted when your products get out of stock, you can take advantage of the plugin settings that allow turning them into pre-order products and automatically show them in the pre-order mode in your shop.

Go to YITH > General options and set the following options:

Pre-order mode on out-of-stock products

  • Automatically enable pre-order mode in out of stock products: if enabled, the plugin will automatically enable the pre-order mode on products that turn into out-of-stock;
  • Automatically enable pre-order mode in: choose whether to apply the pre-order mode to all out-of-stock products or only on specific products or categories. By selecting to enable the pre-order mode on specific products or categories, you will be able to select them in the related fields.

When these options are enabled, the option Put the product in pre-order mode on the product edit page will show two different choices:

Pre-order mode on out-of-stock products

  • Keep the product in automatic pre-order mode: by choosing this option, the pre-order mode will be automatically disabled when the product is back in stock;
  • Use manual pre-order options and override the automatic pre-order option: by choosing this option, you can override the global settings and manually manage pre-order options for the product.