How to set a simple product as “pre-order”

To create a pre-order type of product, go to WooCommerce > Add Product.

Now, scrolling down to Product Data, you will find the “Set as Pre-Order” option, right by Virtual and Downloadable:

Pre-order box

Now a new tab called Pre-Order will be created, including all of the options related to this plugin:

Pre-order options

Use For sale date option to set the date and time for the end of the pre-order period.

Set for sale date

Customize the text of the pre-order button for the product, thanks to the “Pre-Order Label” option. In case you don’t customize it, the default one will displayed, which can be customizable in Label Settings in YITH Plugins > Pre-Order.

And this is what your pre-order product will look like in the product page:

Pre-order view