How to set a simple product as “pre-order”

To create a pre-order type of product, go to WooCommerce > Add Product.

Now, scrolling down to Product Data, you will find the “Set as Pre-Order” option, right by Virtual and Downloadable:

Pre-order box

Now a new tab called Pre-Order will be created, including all of the options related to this plugin:

Pre-order options

Use For sale date option to set the date and time for the end of the pre-order period.

Set for sale date

Customize the text of the pre-order button for the product, thanks to the “Pre-Order Label” option. In case you don’t customize it, the default one will displayed, which can be customizable in Label Settings in YITH Plugins > Pre-Order.

And this is what your pre-order product will look like in the product page:

Pre-order view


Bulk edit products into Pre-order

If you need to assign the Pre-order status to one or more products at the same time, you can do that from the Products page. Select the products that you want to edit and then click on Bulk Actions > Set the Pre-Order status > Apply.


If you select variable products, this action will apply the Pre-order status to all its variations. To edit the pre-order status of variable products variation by variation, please, refer to this post.