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How to configure the results list

In the tab Results list, you can manage whether and how to show the stores in the results list users get after their search. If you want to show the list of stores, you must enable the Show the stores list option.

Now, let’s proceed with the next settings.

Results list settings
  • Enter a text for “Results” title: type the title to show before the list of stores;
  • Enter a text for “no results” title: type here a text to show to users when no results match their search;

You can now decide to show or hide the stores’ list by default. To show it, just enable the option Show stores list by default and choose the stores to show when loading the first page. You can choose to show:

  • All stores or
  • Stores with default map position set: this will allow showing only the stores for which you have set a default position map in the Map settings.
Stores shown by default
  • Set how many results to show (before showing the “view all link”): enter the number of  stores to show in the list before the View all link;
  • Show results in: you can show the results in one or two columns;
  • Stores list hover effect: choose the background color for the hover effect on the store list;
View all link text and colors
  • Enter the text for “view all” link: type here the text for View all pagination link;
  • “view all” link color: choose the colors for the View all link.
Store results list