Map settings

To configure the map settings, go to the Store locator page tab that you find in the plugin panel.

Configure map settings

Map settings

Now you can start setting the available options:

  • Show the map: with this option, you can decide whether to show the map on your store locator page or not. By setting this option to ON, you will be able to configure the following options…
  • Default map position: here, you can enter the longitude and latitude for the default position;
  • Default map type: select the type to show the map. Options available: roadmap or satellite;
  • Default map zoom: this allows defining the default zoom for the store locator map;
  • Map scroll type: select how to scroll the map of the store locator (with Mouse wheel+ctrl or Mouse wheel);
  • Default icon for user position in the map: choose the icon to identify the user position in the map from the default one or by uploading a custom icon;
  • Default icon for store in the map: choose the icon to identify the store position in the map from the default one or by uploading a custom icon. This can be overridden if you want to use a different icon for each store;
  • Map style: here, you can use the JSON code provided by Google for your custom style. Go to and click on Create style

Select the theme and click on Finish.

Now copy the JSON…

and paste it into Map style option.