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General options

To let users check the product availability in your stores, you can show the button Find in stores on your product pages. Go to YITH -> Store Locator -> WooCommerceoptions -> General and enable the option Show “Find in stores” in product pages.

Enable Find in stores button

Now you can start configuring the button style options below:

Find in stores options
  • “Find in stores” position: this allows choosing the position to show the button by selecting it from the dropdown (before or after the title, before or after the price, before or after Add to cart button). As an alternative, you can use the shortcode [yith_sl_find_in_stores] and print it anywhere on the product page.
  • “Find in stores” style: choose the show the button as a text, custom button or theme button.
  • “Find in stores” label: type here the text to show for the Find in stores button.
  • “Find in stores” icon: upload a custom icon for the Find in stores button.
  • “Find in stores” colors: choose the colors for text and background.
Hide "Find in stores" in out-of-stock products
  • Hide “Find in stores” in out-of-stock products: enable this option to hide the Find in stores options on out-of-stock products.
Store Locator - WooCommerce general options
  • Button action: this option allows choosing the behavior of the Find in stores button when users click on it: you can open the Store Locator modal window or redirect them to the Store Locator page.
  • “Find in stores” modal title: (available only after selecting Open the Store Locator modal window) type here the text that will identify the title of the modal window.
  • Store Locator page: choose the default Store Locator page to use for customers who want to check the results.
Default Store Locator page to show results for Find in stores

Modal window options

You can choose what to show in the Store Locator modal window by selecting the options in the section Modal window options.

What to show in Store Locator modal window
Options to show in the Store Locator modal window

Products & Stores

Through the plugin settings, you can easily associate or disassociate your WooCommerce products to all your stores with a simple click.

In the section Products & Stores, you will find the buttons allowing these actions.

Moreover, if you want to automatically associate newly-created products to all your stores without any further action, you can enable the option Automatically associate new products to all stores.

Associate all products to stores