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Refund payments

If you enabled the option Accept all refund requests automatically, the system accepts and pays each refund request automatically.

refund settings

If you prefer not to use this option, go to the request received and choose the amount to refund.

Manage refund request

Refund includes or excludes taxes depending on how you set the entry “Enable taxes” in the plugin settings dashboard.
You can choose whether to make the payment for the whole requested amount or not. Let’s analyze all the possible scenarios:

Pay the whole amount requested

Accept to pay the total amount requested by the user.

Now you only need to click on the refund button to:

  • send the payment (if gateways like PayPal)
  • mark the request as paid (in case you have already processed the refund separately)

Refund only part of the claimed amount

This option can be used each time you want to grant a refund, but not for the quantity users are claiming.

Let’s clear up any doubts with make an example.

The user bought 2 YITH Cups and is claiming for a refund for both of them. After checking the request, you can choose to grant a refund, but only for one of the two items purchased.

In order to do this, you have to edit the quantity from 2 (the requested quantity) to 1 (the allowed quantity).

Set quantity to refund

The refund amount is automatically updated and now you can go on with the payment.

Enter the refund amount manually

As an alternative to a full refund, you can manually enter the amount to pay.

Type the value in the “Use a custom refund amount” field.

Set a custom refund amount

Proceed with the payment and users will receive the amount you have specified.

Offer a coupon code

If you prefer to offer a coupon code instead of giving the money back, you can, and your users will be able to redeem it and buy something from your shop.

In order to do that, click on the button “Offer a coupon”.

Offer a coupon

The coupon amount is the same as you have previously agreed to the refund request.

By default, it is the amount requested, but it updates automatically every time you apply changes to the refund request.