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How to manage the refund on single product

The plugin adds the tab “Refunds” to each product edit page.

Refunds options in single product page

The options included in this tab allow overriding the general options.

For example, if you enabled the refund on all the products yet you don’t mean to grant refunds on the one selected, you only need to set the entry “Set the refundable status” as “Set the product as non-refundable”.

Set the product as not refundable

Variable products

The plugin supports variable products. For each variation, you can:

  • enable/disable the refund
  • set an expiration for the refund different from the general one configured
  • set a “non-refundable product” message different from the general one configured

Set options for single variations

Notification message

The plugin shows a notification message to users accessing the site on all the non-refundable products.

not refundable example