How to allow refunds in your shop

Ensure the option “Allow refunds for products” (that you find in YITH Plugins > Advanced Refund System) is enabled.
Allow refund for products

From now on, users will be able to send a refund request for any newly completed order.

The request can either be submitted for the entire order or for single products in it.

Pagina ordine

Users will be able to send their refund request only after filling out the dedicated form. It will open in a modal window when they click on the refund button (only in case they select a product-based refund they will be asked to specify the quantity they want to be refunded).

Refund request form

Please, note:

order-based refunds cannot be requested if:

  • users missed the deadline for submitting refund requests;
  • one of the products in the order has been set to “non-refundable”;
  • the order total does not reach the minimum amount required for a refund (and specified in “Minimum order amount” in the plugin settings panel)

Minimum order amount