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Product gallery options

Hide gallery thumbnails from single product page: this will hide the product gallery thumbnails from the product page. Keep it enable to ON if you want to configure the gallery and the slider.

Change main image on:

  • Click – the user has to click on the thumbnail to change the main product image
  • Hover – the image will be replaced when the mouse hovers over the thumbnail

Add opacity on inactive thumbnails: enable to add opacity on inactive thumbnails and let only the active thumbnail stand out.

Apply grey scale on inactive thumbnails: enable to apply a grey scale to inactive thumbnails and let only the active thumbnail stand out.

Add zoom effect to the thumbnails: add a zoom effect when hovering over the thumbnails.

Active thumb border color: set the color of the active thumbnail border.

Slider options

Enable slider: enable this option to show the product gallery images in a slider. If enabled, you will be able to configure colors, arrows and autoplay options from the settings below.

Thumbnails to show: set the number of thumbnails to show in the slider.

Slider colors: background – border – arrow (default color and on hover)

Slider sizes: slider – arrow – border

Border radius (%): set the border radius to change the shape of the slider. From 0% square corners to 100% round corners.

Show slider arrows:

  • fixed – keep the slider arrows displayed
  • on hover – display the arrows on when hovering over the thumbnail gallery.

Infinite slider: enable to let the slider show all the images and start again from the first. This can have a different setting:

  • circular – the thumbnail after the last one will be the 1st of the list and the slider will start again.
  • back to the 1st – after the last thumbnail the slider go back and jump to the 1st thumbnail.

Autoplay slider: the slider will automatically play and let the images rotate when the page is loaded.