Active zoom magnifier

First of all, make sure of the plugin functionalities have been enabled from settings dashboard.

Activate Zoom Magnifier

Within the same section, you can enable/disable the zoom functionality on products when the access take place from mobile devices.

Magnifier settings

Now, you can configure zoom settings on the product image.

magnifier settings
Zoom magnifier on product

Settings that can be configured are:

  • “Zoom box width/height”: width and height of the zoom box
  • “Image size”: size of the image shown within the zoom box.
    When you change this option, you must regenerate thumbnails in order to make the plugin work correctly. To regenerate thumbnails, we suggest you use a free plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails.
  • “Zoom box position”: zoom box position in respect to product image (inner or aside)
  • “Loading label”: the label showed during the loading of the product images.
  • “Opacity”: the opacity of the magnifier.
  • “Blur”: enable this option to apply a blur effect to the product image on the mouse hover. This effect will be available only if the zoom box is on the right of the product image.

Slider settings

The plugin allows to show miniatures of the product within a slider. In order to do it, it is essential to activate “Activate slider”.

Slider settings
Thumbnail in slider

Here is the list of settings you find within “Slider settings” section:

  • “Items”: the number of images to show under the product image.
  • “Circular carousel”: choose whether to roll product images in a circular way in the slider
  • “Infinite carousel”: choose whether the slider should be sequential showing the product images. If activated, once you reach the last image of the gallery, you will be redirected to the first one of the slider.
    Note: It is possible to create a non-circular infinite carousel, but not the opposite.