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The plugin allows you to also enable a lightbox option to show the product images in modal window. You will find all the options for the Lightbox functionality in YITH > Product Gallery & Image Zoom > Main Image Options > Lightbox.

Lightbox options

Enable lightbox in main product image: enable the lightbox feature on the main product image. This will show an icon that will open the image in a modal window when you click on it. You can customize the icon with the options below.

Lightbox icon colors: background and background on hover – icon and icon on hover

Lightbox icon size (px): set the lightbox icon size in pixels.

Lightbox icon radius (%): set the border radius to change the shape of the lightbox icon background. From 0% square to 100% round.

Lightbox icon position: choose in which position to show the lightbox icon on the product image:

  • top left
  • top right
  • bottom left
  • bottom right

Lightbox overlay color: set the color for the lightbox overlay. Opacity settings are supported.