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Supported gateways

Here you find a list with all the supported SMS gateways, the country where they are based and their service coverage. For any of them, you can refer to the link in the column on the left to read about configuration details and setup.

If the provider you want to use is not available in this list, please contact us by providing us with the developer documentation and website URL of the SMS service of your interest to allow our developers to run some tests. If it will be possible to integrate it, you can send your request through our support desk soon after purchasing the plugin.
Gateway Country Coverage
Agile Telecom Italy Worldwide
Bulk SMS South Africa Worldwide
BulkSMS Maroc Morocco Morocco
BurstSMS USA Worldwide
Clickatell South Africa Worldwide
ClickSend Australia Worldwide
Clockwork United Kingdom Worldwide
Codeagency Belgium Worldwide
Crystalwebtechs India India
D7 Networks UAE Worldwide
IntelliSMS United Kingdom Worldwide
Jazz Pakistan Pakistan
LifetimeSMS Pakistan Pakistan
MessageBird Netherland Worldwide
Mitake Taiwan Worldwide
Msegat Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
mNotify Ghana Worldwide
Mobishastra UAE UAE, Saudi Arabia, India
Msg91 USA Worldwide
Nexmo SMS United Kingdom Worldwide
Netpowers Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Octopush France Worldwide
Sabeq Alarabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
SMSala UAE Worldwide
SMSAPI Poland Worldwide
SMS Broadcast Australia Australia
Smshosting Italy Worldwide
SMS Country India India, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore
SMS Gateway Hub India India
SMS Office Georgia Georgia
SmsCyber India India
Sozuri Kenya Kenya
Spring Edge India India
Taqnyat Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Telcor Romania Romania
TextAnywhere United Kingdom Worldwide
TextTeam Australia Worldwide
ThaiBulkSMS Thailand Thailand
Trend MENS Brazil Brazil
Twilio USA Worldwide
Unifonic UAE UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Yamamah Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia